Netizens think Jisoo’s beauty in recent BLACKPINK Concert in Bangkok is legendary

The bare face of Jisoo from BLACKPINK is garnering a lot of interest amongst the netizens and fans.

On January 8, via an online community site, a photo of Jisoo with the title “Performing with bare face during rehearsal” was unveiled.

As seen in the photo, Jisoo is seen rehearsing, showcasing her natural beautiful face.

Netizens who have seen the photos replied back things such as:

“She looks pure and innocent”

“She’s so pretty that every day I’m amazed by her beauty”

“Is she human?… I don’t think she’s of the same race as me”

“Where is she?”

“It’s in Bangkok”

“Her bare face looks so pretty”

“Her light makeup makes her look so much prettier.”

“She looks so much prettier without makeup.”

What are your thoughts?



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