Kwon Eun Bi talks about her recent popularity and changes in her life since viral “WATERBOMB” performance

Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi has recently opened up about her financial success following her performance at WATERBOMB.

A video titled ‘5 million views fancam Water Bomb Star Appearance‘ was released on the YouTube channel ‘Yooksao’s Praise Hell‘, where Kwon Eun Bi shared her journey.

Kwon Eun Bi confessed that her life took a turn after she became the ‘WATERBOMB Goddess‘. She said, “Waterbomb last year brought me immense love and opportunities. I was initially nervous as it was my first major event as a solo artist. The thought of performing alone in front of a large crowd was daunting.”

She further added, “Before WATERBOMB, I hadn’t done many commercials. But post-Waterbomb, I got opportunities to endorse various products like chicken, lenses, massage machines, filter showers, games, cosmetics, and more. That period was financially rewarding for me. I even bought padding for my hardworking staff, which further motivated me to work harder.”

Kwon Eun Bi, who has debuted thrice, from a group member to a solo artist, said, “Whenever I face challenges, I rise up.”

She also revealed, “A movie will be released this fall. The original is a movie called ‘I Just Dropped My Smartphone,‘ and it will be released as a Japanese movie. They approached me after watching my YouTube videos.”

In a lighter vein, Kwon Eun Bi expressed her desire to try animation dubbing. She said, “I enjoy making voices. I’ve always loved singing nursery rhymes since my childhood.” She also shared her recent experience of singing a commercial song for a filter shower, which she found enjoyable.

Lastly, when asked about her love life by Park Mi Sun, Kwon Eun Bi admitted, “I have been in love. I prefer to keep my relationships private and only make them public when I get married.”

When asked about their plans if they won a 7 billion won lottery, Park Mi Sun said, “Firstly, I would deposit it in the bank, quit broadcasting, and travel the world luxuriously.” Kim Ho Young said, “I would buy a building.”



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