Lee Jang Woo’s Remarkable Weight Loss Journey Revealed on “I Live Alone”

In a recent episode of MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone,” Lee Jang Woo stunned viewers with a remarkable transformation.

The actor, known for his previous heavier appearance, revealed a slimmer figure that left everyone in awe.

During the show, Lee Jang Woo arrived late, showcasing his newly defined jawline and overall trim physique.

He candidly shared that during his “green padded jacket era,” he weighed a hefty 108kg. Now, with visible changes, viewers couldn’t help but comment, “Your neck looks longer—you’re almost unrecognizable!”

Lee Jang Woo attributed his transformation to a combination of diet and exercise. He admitted that his previous overeating habits had led to digestive issues and early signs of diabetes.

To curb hunger, he cleverly snacked on cherry tomatoes.

The impressive results speak for themselves: Lee Jang Woo shed a total of 22kg (from 108kg to 86kg) in just three months.

Despite warnings from doctors about rapid weight loss, he emphasized that he has regained his health.

Joining him on this journey were fellow celebrities Jun Hyun Moo and Park Na Rae. Jun Hyun Moo, having lost 13kg, stressed that effective dieting involves both food choices and physical activity.

Meanwhile, Park Na Rae successfully trimmed her belly fat, now weighing 47.7kg—a precise reduction of 6kg.

Park Na Rae, who faced the pressure of an upcoming magazine photoshoot, expressed her determination to showcase her passionate side.

Regardless of others’ opinions, she confidently continued with the shoot, leaving no doubt that her commitment to health and well-being was paying off.

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