IVE’s Jang Won Young reveals she doesn’t check the delivery fee when ordering food online

IVE‘s very own Jang Won Young recently spilled the tea on everything from her past allowances to her experiences with food delivery apps.

On May 5th, a video titled ‘IVE Jang Won Young is pretty‘ popped up on the YouTube channel ‘Psick University‘. The star of the day? None other than Jang Won Young herself, who guest-starred on the ‘Psick Show‘, turning heads left and right.

Jang Won Young wowed everyone with her fluent English and perfect pronunciation. Lee Yong Ju was so taken aback, he asked, “Why are you so good at English. Did you live abroad?”

When asked if she ever sneaked into her parents’ wallet, she responded, “No. They give it to me if I ask, why would I steal it. They gave me an allowance every time I asked.”

She further explained, “In fact, there was no concept of allowance when I was young. Whenever I wanted or needed something, my parents gave it to me anytime. So I didn’t have an allowance.”

Min Soo chimed in, “I also understand my parents. If I had a daughter like Won Young, I could give her everything,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Jang Won Young admitted to the question ‘Have you ever postponed what you have to do from the exact time?’, “Yes. Doesn’t everyone do that? I wait for the exact time and it’s 10 minutes, 11 minutes. So I’m a little late because I have a lot to prepare for the pickup time.”

Finally, when asked if she ever sorted by delivery fee when ordering food, she confessed, “No. To make an excuse, I work so I ask the manager for delivery. I haven’t been able to check the delivery fee.”

She added, “I don’t have a delivery app. All the managers will have (delivery) benefits and coupons. They will be VVIP now.”

Jang Won Young revealed that coffee and steak are her go-to orders, saying, “I don’t like gopchang. Steak is my favorite food.”



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