Park Min Young channels BLACKPINK’s Jennie in Thailand, rocking ‘YOU&ME’ dance, amid ‘Marry My Husband’ global fame

Actress Park Min Young recently made waves by channeling her inner BLACKPINK‘s Jennie at her first-ever fan meet-up in Thailand.

Just last month, Park Min Young hosted an international fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. The event was a hit, thanks to the soaring popularity of her drama ‘Marry My Husband‘.

During the event, Park Min Young opened up about her experiences, shared heartfelt stories, and dazzled fans with a variety of outfits, songs, and dance performances.

The company that organized Park Min Young‘s fan meeting shared glimpses of the event on social media, revealing various facets of Park Min Young‘s talent and charm.

One of the highlights was Park Min Young‘s performance of Jennie‘s hit solo ‘YOU & ME‘. She matched steps with a male dancer against a stunning moonlit backdrop, held a microphone like a seasoned idol singer, and showcased her hidden vocal talents.

Before the fan meeting, Park Min Young had a message for her fans, “I have prepared a lot of special stages for you. Please look forward to it.”

True to her word, she made a concerted effort to connect with her Thai fans at the event, greeting them and even singing in the local language. It was indeed a memorable day for all her fans!



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