Lee Seung Gi joins new agency Big Planet Made, home to VIVIZ, Lee Mu Jin & Taemin

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi has embarked on an exciting new journey by signing with Big Planet Made Entertainment.

The agency, home to other talented artists like VIVIZ and Lee Mu Jin that is also is making waves in the entertainment industry.

On April 29th, Big Planet Made Entertainment made it official: they’ve secured an exclusive contract with Lee Seung Gi.

Known for his prowess in music, acting, and entertainment, Lee Seung Gi is set to receive full support for his domestic and international endeavors. Fans can expect to witness his boundless talents across various domains.

Taemin, the dynamic SHINee member, also recently joined Big Planet Made family. Alongside him are the other notable artists like B.O., Ha Sung Woon, Ren, and performance directors Kasper and Kany.

With Lee Seung Gi’s addition, Big Planet Made Entertainment solidifies its position as a powerhouse agency. Let’s eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions he’ll make in this exciting new chapter of his career!



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