Song Ji Hyo explains her ‘swollen face’ on ‘Running Man’ before netizens make unnecessary comments

Actress Song Ji Hyo recently revealed that she underwent a laser treatment.

During the latest episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ aired on May 19th, the show featured a ‘Must be 1st‘ race, with IVE‘s An Yu Jin and Rei as special guests.

Yoo Jae Suk, the host, shared some exciting news during the show, revealing Song Ji Hyo‘s recent facial laser treatment.

He humorously commented on Song Ji Hyo‘s slightly swollen face, saying, “She was quite worried and kept asking me, ‘Oppa, what should I do?'”, which caused a wave of laughter on the set.

Caught off guard, Song Ji Hyo seemed a bit flustered. However, Kim Jong Kook stepped in to comfort her, saying, “We’re just letting you know in case anyone says something unnecessary.”

When Ji Seok Jin curiously asked, “I also had a treatment, but why didn’t I swell up that much?”, Song Ji Hyo candidly replied, “My blood circulation isn’t that good.”

Kim Jong Kook teased her about wearing makeup, to which Song Ji Hyo quickly covered her face and said, “Today, I feel like I’m in the movie ‘200 Pounds Beauty’. I didn’t expect to swell up like this.”

Yoo Jae Suk humorously added, “It’s not that beauty is painful, but Ji Hyo is the one in pain,” leaving Song Ji Hyo a bit embarrassed.



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