Clarifying the Misconception Surrounding NewJeans Vs. LE SSERAFIM Debut Party Photo Making Rounds Online

Efforts have been made numerous times to take down posts about this issue. On April 25, 2024, ADOR’s Min Hee Jin held a press conference to share her perspective on the dispute with HYBE.

During the conference, she claimed that HYBE had informed her of their plans to debut a girl group, now known as LE SSERAFIM, which consequently delayed NewJeans’ debut.

She expressed feeling “betrayed” that LE SSERAFIM debuted first.

Amidst the ongoing feud, a specific photo began circulating on various online community boards, alleging that NewJeans was treated unfairly.

However, the original poster (OP) posted to clear up the confusion, revealing that LE SSERAFIM’s photo was of SOURCE MUSIC employees gathering to celebrate their debut. In contrast, NewJeans’ photo only included the members as they were being filmed for original content.

Caption of the photo: This just shows how much NewJeans was ostracized within HYBE, due to Bang Si Hyuk.

Title translation of the photo: NewJeans LE SSERAFIM debut congratulations treatment

Most netizens were perplexed that people actually believed this was neglecting NewJeans and praised the OP for correcting the misunderstanding.

Comments from netizens included:

“That’s just their labels congratulating them…who are these idiots that believe this.”

“Wow, how are people seeing this as ostracism? So childish…this is just something the labels prepared for their own groups.”

“Why are they talking about neglect…NewJeans received so much through the impact of BTS.”

NewJeans’ fans continued to correct this misunderstanding, saying it was filming for original content, yet they didn’t take it down.”

“What do they mean neglect…you need some sense knocked into you.”

“This is too much.”

“Anyone can tell that NewJeans is filming something. Those who aren’t even fans getting mad over this, these types of people are useless for girl groups.”

“But isn’t this not neglect from HYBE, but neglect from ADOR.”

“Thanks to the OP for the correction.” “Yeah, that picture is just of SOURCE MUSIC congratulating the girls…”



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