NewJeans Fans in Uproar Over RIIZE’s Lightstick Design, Accusations of Plagiarism Arise

In the vibrant world of K-Pop, lightsticks are more than just accessories — they’re a symbol of fans’ love and support for their favorite groups.

Recently, a controversy has erupted among fans of NewJeans over the newly redesigned lightstick for another K-Pop group, RIIZE.

The issue came to light when NewJeans supporters noticed a striking similarity between their lightstick and that of RIIZE in a specific setting: the darkness of a concert venue.

While both lightsticks boast distinct designs in the light, they share a common feature when the lights go out — both items illuminate to form heart shapes. NewJeans’ lightstick glows with blue hearts, while RIIZE’s emits dark orange ones.

The similarity has sparked outrage among NewJeans’ fans, who have accused RIIZE’s managing company, SM Entertainment, of copying this unique aspect of “Binky” — the name of the group’s lightstick.

NewJeans fans have not held back in expressing their disappointment, labeling SM Entertainment as “shameless” and alleging that the company intentionally “stole” the heart-shaped glow feature from NewJeans and their management, ADOR.

On the flip side, RIIZE’s fanbase has come to the defense of their lightstick’s design, emphasizing the differences that set the two apart under normal lighting conditions.

They argue that the functional design in darkness — using heart shapes — should not be grounds for accusations of plagiarism, suggesting that such elements could be coincidental or generic.

Prior to this controversy, RIIZE’s lightstick had already undergone a redesign after its initial unveiling was met with criticism and mockery from fans and netizens alike.

Originally intended to symbolize an upside-down “7,” the initial design did not sit well with the fans, leading to its swift retraction and a promise of a redesign, scheduled for release in April 2024.

As tensions simmer between both fan groups, it remains to be seen if either company will respond to the accusations and get involved in the debate.

This incident serves as a reminder of the deep emotional connection fans have with their favorite groups, and how even the smallest details can spark major controversies.



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