SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Gets on Seungkwan’s Nerves in Recent ‘Hangout With Yoo’ Episode — Here’s Why!

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan expressed his irritation at Hoshi‘s show-off attitude on the well-known program ‘Hangout with Yoo‘.

During the show, Seungkwan brought up Hoshi, his fellow SEVENTEEN member, saying, “Hoshi is also part of a show with Jae Suk. He’s always boasting about being on the ‘Yoo-line’ when he’s practicing his dance routines.”

He further added, “He even bragged on social media about receiving a call from Jae Suk, claiming ‘This is the real Yoo-line’. I was really put off by that,” causing everyone to break into laughter at his disgruntled look.

Seungkwan went on to say, “He’s always flaunting just because he met him a couple of times, but I’ve been with him [Jae Suk] since 2018.”

He also revealed, “In SEVENTEEN, everyone is so driven. Everyone is looking out for their own interests.”

On the same day, Yoo Jae Suk asked about Seungkwan‘s siblings. Seungkwan, being the youngest among one brother and two sisters, revealed that he has sisters who are 9 and 4 years older than him.

He added, “My sisters used to take care of me. Reflecting back, I realize I was showered with a lot of affection. I was unaware of it at that time.”



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