‘Queen of Tears’ star Kim Ji Won reveals her emotional connection with Hong Hae In in Cosmopolitan interview

In a recent interview with the fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN, ‘Queen of Tears‘ actress Kim Ji Won shared her thoughts on her character and her daily life.

On April 17th, COSMOPOLITAN unveiled an exclusive interview with the star of the month, actress Kim Ji Won.

Kim Ji Won, when asked about what she wishes to hold onto forever, shared, “As I age, I notice changes and new perspectives that evolve from existing ones. With such recurring experiences, I’ve developed an attitude of learning something new every day rather than thinking, ‘I’ll at least keep it this way’. While playing Hong Hae In in ‘Queen of Tears’, I discovered the importance of honesty and courage.”

She went on to say, “There’s a quote from Hae In that I really resonate with. ‘I believe love isn’t about doing grand gestures, but about standing by each other through thick and thin’. I think love can be a massive pillar of support whether you’re on cloud nine or feeling drained”.

She added, “Reflecting on my career, I feel all the characters I’ve portrayed were admirable individuals whom I wanted to root for. They’re fiercely independent and resolute, people with firm beliefs and values. I’ve learned a lot from them.”

Kim Ji Won also revealed her fondness for Netflix’s “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”. She expressed, “I’m committed to giving my best in any project”, and showed her eagerness to explore different genres.

Kim Ji Won‘s drama, ‘Queen of Tears‘, hit a new rating milestone of 20.7%, securing the second spot among the highest-rated dramas in tvN’s history.

Prior to ‘Queen of Tears‘, Kim Ji Won left a lasting impression on viewers with her stellar performances in “Descendants of the Sun” as Yoon Myung Joo, “My Liberation Notes” as Yeom Mi Jung, and “Fight For My Way” as Choi Ae Ra.

On April 19th, COSMOPOLITAN Korea released another interview video featuring Kim Ji Won. The actress opened up about her daily life and how she’s been faring after wrapping up the filming of ‘Queen of Tears‘.

She also shared, “I’ve been watching ‘Queen of Tears’. Even though it’s my drama, I didn’t initially search for it but I wanted to watch it. So now, my day revolves around ‘Queen of Tears, my song playlists, and my dog”, adding “I’ve also been appreciating nature and landscapes lately. It was challenging to fully enjoy it during the filming period due to my hectic schedule. Recently, I came across a tree that just blossomed”.



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