IVE’s Jang Won Young reveals she originally dreamed of being an announcer

IVE‘s very own Jang Won Young recently dropped a bombshell about her past career dreams. In a sneak peek of her upcoming appearance on YouTube channel TEO, she revealed a surprising secret.

In the teaser, released on April 30th, we see Jang Won Young and Jang Do Yeon chilling under the banner of ‘Salon Drip 2’.

Jang Won Young kicked off the conversation with a heartfelt confession, “I’ve always felt a bit regretful that we never had a serious chat. But today, through ‘Salon Drip 2‘, we can finally do that.” Jang Do Yeon playfully responded, “The AI princess has graced us with her presence.”

The conversation took an interesting turn when Jang Won Young was asked about her alternate career path. She caught everyone’s attention when she admitted, “I actually wanted to be an announcer.”

Jang Do Yeon, intrigued, asked her to give announcing a shot, saying, “Can’t you just try it once? If you don’t like it, you can say no.” But Jang Won Young was quick to shut it down with a firm, “I don’t like it.”

Jang Won Young then shared some wisdom, saying, “Hard work is important, but there’s also something to be said for natural talent.” Jang Do Yeon agreed, urging her to share more insights like this in the future.



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