‘Queen of Tears’ star Kim Soo Hyun cracked everyone up with his lively “Bubble” fan interaction experience

Queen of Tears‘ actor Kim Soo Hyun has recently joined ‘Bubble‘, a fan communication platform, and is already feeling the pressure.

Kim Soo Hyun started interacting with his fans via a messaging service for the first time since his career began. Upon gaining access to this advanced technology, Kim Soo Hyun reached out to his fans, saying, “I’m looking forward to our journey together. Let’s explore and make the most of this platform. I’m still figuring out the best way to communicate here.”

A day later, fans were thrilled to discover that Kim Soo Hyun was actively reading their messages. One fan shared, “I can’t believe it! I sent Kim Soo Hyun a message at 2 am and he read it! I was a bit tipsy and wrote ‘I miss you’, and now I’m all jittery.”

Another fan noted, “He read my message at 6 am.”

It wasn’t long before fans realized that Kim Soo Hyun was making an effort to read every single message, regardless of the time of day. Fans speculated, “The ‘1’ disappears at different times throughout the day, so it seems like he’s constantly checking and reading our messages.”

However, Kim Soo Hyun eventually admitted on the platform that he was feeling overwhelmed. He shared, “You know how it feels when there are too many messages in one chat room, and it’s just impossible to read them all…”

To express his current state, the actor also shared a photo.

Netizens reacted with comments like:

“Is it even possible for him to read all those messages?”

“This is my first time using Bubble and it’s so much fun. I had a great time today.”

“He’s overwhelmed hehe.”

“Do Min Joon is overwhelmed hehe.”

“There’s no way he can read all those messages every day.”

“I never knew Kim Soo Hyun was this adorable haha.”

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