Tears flow as actor Lee Chae Min bids farewell to ‘Music Bank’

It was an emotional day for actor Lee Chae Min, who couldn’t hold back his tears during his last broadcast as the MC of KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’.

As he began the show, his emotions got the better of him and he was seen crying during his opening remarks.

His co-host, Hong Eunchae, pointed out that it was Lee Chae Min’s last day as an MC for ‘Music Bank’.

Hearing this, Lee Chae Min choked up and shed tears as he said, “I’ve been with ‘Music Bank’ for 1 year and 7 months.” Hong Eunchae then took over and said, “We are saying our final goodbye today.”

Once he regained his composure, Lee Chae Min asked the audience, “Did you all enjoy the time with me? I was also happy.”

When asked about his most memorable moment, he mentioned, “The moment when I did ‘check check check’ with Eun Chae is very memorable, as well as my first stage and first live broadcast when I was nervous.”

Hong Eunchae expressed her regret over Lee Chae Min’s departure, saying, “There were many things happening while I was with him for over a year.”

In the end, Lee Chae Min said, “But there is always a new meeting when there is a farewell. Thinking about the opportunity to meet with the fans somewhere else, I’ve already cried, but I’ll finish today cheerfully,” and continued the live broadcast.

Earlier that day, Lee Chae Min also expressed his feelings about leaving ‘Music Bank’ through his agency. He said, “I learned and felt a lot through ‘Music Bank’. It was an honor to be with wonderful artists, and it was a happy time to be with ‘Music Bank’. Thank you for giving me a lot of love as an MC for ‘Music Bank’. In the future, I will show you a better side as an actor, so please look forward to actor Lee Chae Min. Once again, I sincerely thank you.”



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