‘Queen of Tears’ star Kim Ji Won talks about the roles that changed her life, reveals her favorite character

Kim Ji Won has chosen ‘Queen of TearsHong Hae In as the character that defines her life.

On May 3rd, HighZium Studio dropped a video on their official channel titled ‘Kim Ji Won’s Life Character, Do You Know Who It Is?

In the video, Kim Ji Won ranks her characters from various dramas like ‘HeirsYoo Rachel, ‘Descendants of the SunYoon Myung Joo, ‘Fight for My WayChoi Ae Ra, ‘Arthdal ChroniclesTanya, ‘Love RevolutionLee Eun Oh, ‘My Liberation NotesYeom Mi Jung, and ‘Queen of TearsHong Hae In.

Kim Ji Won shared that Yoon Myung Joo and Choi Ae Ra are the characters that fans love the most. She said, “Myung Joo is super cool and gives off major girl crush vibes. Ae Ra, on the other hand, is adorable and full of playful charm.”

She added,Lee Eun Oh and Yeom Mi Jung are a bit intense. They’re not the type to steal the spotlight, but they have a way of catching your attention with their actions,”

She continued, Tanya has this leadership quality and knows how to protect her people. She’s also very lively and bright. Hae In and Rachel might not be fan favorites, but they’re top-notch in my book.”

When asked if she’s more of a charismatic or cute type, Kim Ji Won confidently chose charisma. But when she tried to demonstrate her charisma, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter out of embarrassment.

In a recent poll where fans voted for their favorite Kim Ji Won character, Hong Hae In ranked 3rd, Choi Ae Ra came in 2nd, and Yoon Myung Joo took the top spot.

However, Kim Ji Won herself chose Hong Hae In as her number one, saying, “I recently revisited Hae In, and I still feel a strong connection with her. I think her impact will linger for a long time.”

Kim Ji Won also shared, Yoon Myung Joo is my second pick. I loved playing her because it allowed me to show a different side of myself,” andYeom Mi Jung is third.

Like with Myung Joo, I was able to reveal a new facet of myself through her, so she’s a character I’ll remember for a long time.”

But in the end, Kim Ji Won confessed, “I truly love all the characters I’ve played. It’s hard to pick just one as my life character because each one allowed me to showcase different aspects of myself. In a way, they’re all my life characters.”



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