NewJeans’ Instagram gets flooded with hate after appearing on a video promoting traditional Korean paper

After NewJeans was in a video promoting traditional Korean paper, Chinese netizens went crazy on the brand’s official Instagram.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation put out a video on January 6 to promote traditional Korean paper called “Hanji“.

In this video, people from NewJeans talked about and showed how Hanji is made.

Shortly after the reveal, though, a lot of Chinese Netizens rushed to NewJeans‘ social media accounts and said that Koreans were trying to steal Chinese traditional culture.

Chinese netizens said that papermaking started in China, so any techniques that came after were also part of Chinese culture and couldn’t be called Korean.

Korean netizens said that Hanji is not the same as the original paper from China, and the video never said that Koreans invented paper itself.

What about Washi from Japan? The way they think, all traditional paper is Chinese because the Chinese invented how to make paper.”

No one said anything about how paper was first made. We were trying to get the word out about Hanji, our traditional paper.

Watch the relevant video below. How do you feel?



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