“It’s not the haters” — ‘Dongchimi’ team shuts down speculations on the reason why Kim Sae Ron left the play

Details about why Kim Sae Ron withdrew from the play ‘Dongchimi‘ have come to light.

A representative from the production team clarified that Kim Sae Ron‘s decision wasn’t influenced by any negative perceptions of her as an actress.

Instead, they explained that her departure was due to concerns about her physical health. According to the representative, Kim Sae Ron‘s stamina wasn’t sufficient for the demands of the role, leading the team to consider whether she could continue with the production.

They finalized their decision on April 17 and hoped to avoid further speculation on the matter.

Despite her best efforts, including participating in retreats with the production team and cast, Kim Sae Ron couldn’t continue due to her health issues.

The representative praised her dedication to the role and expressed regret that she had to withdraw.

Reports had previously suggested that Kim Sae Ron‘s departure was linked to public opinion following a drunk driving incident in May 2022.

She was fined 20 million KRW (~$14,507 USD) by the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 4 for the offense, which involved multiple collisions and a blood alcohol content of 0.2%.

The decision was not appealed by either Kim Sae Ron or the prosecution, confirming the initial verdict.



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