2AM’s Jo Kwon: “High heels make me feel like a ‘Superhero’… They boost my confidence”

2AM‘s Jo Kwon recently shared his unique affection for ‘high heels‘ on the popular show ‘Strong Heart VS‘.

The episode, which aired on April 16th, was a special edition titled ‘Man of Cloudy Eyes‘. Alongside Jo Kwon, other celebrities like Nam Gyu Ri, Lee Hong Gi, Jung Il Rang, and Yoon Soo Hyun graced the show to share their personal stories.

During the show, Jo Kwon humorously differentiated himself from Kim Ho Young, who was mentioned as a rival. He quipped, “Ho Young and I are different. Ho Young is good at talking, and I’m good at moving my body,” causing a burst of laughter with his impromptu pelvic dance.

The highlight of the show was when Jo Kwon expressed his unique love for ‘high heels‘. He shared that he had performed a musical wearing 12cm high heels. Known for his fondness for high heels in his everyday life, he said, “I enjoy choreography with heels.”

Jo Kwon further explained, “I don’t wear high heels every day. But when I step into high heels, I feel like I’ve transformed into a ‘superhero’. It’s like when an office worker puts on a cape and suddenly feels empowered, I gain confidence and my self-esteem soars when I wear high heels.”

He added, “When I wear high heels, I feel the freedom to look down, and when I take off my high heels, I feel the humility to know how to look up.”

This unique perspective of Jo Kwon on high heels certainly adds a new dimension to his charismatic personality.



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