‘Queen of Tears’ is likely to have a “happy ending” based on Kim Ji Won’s artworks in her room

The drama ‘Queen of Tears’ is drawing a lot of attention to its ending as it only has 4 episodes left, and the abstract art in the work is attracting attention for hinting at a happy ending.

On April 12th, a video titled “Third Generation Chaebol Hong Hae In’s Artwork Price Shockingly Revealed ‘Queen of Tears’ Artwork Analysis” was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Art Thing‘.

In the released video, Jo Sang In, an art critic from the Seoul Economic Daily, is seen analyzing the artwork in ‘Queen of Tears‘.

She explained, “If you go into (Hong Hae In‘s) room, there is a long abstract painting horizontally on the head of the large bed. Rather than being painted as one, it is a picture that is connected by linking several panels.” The work is by artist Jeon Eun Sook.

She added, “It’s a picture of an image where various objects that were clearly visible at some point become blurry and only afterimages and impressions remain in bright colors. .”

She added, “In the drama, President Hong Hae In is suffering from a disease where his vision and memories are becoming blurry due to a tumor in his head, and it seems like such a situation is being drawn in the picture, so I focus on it

She then predicted the ending, saying, “Looking at the screen and color tone being bright and vibrant, I think the drama might have a happy ending.”

She also said, “There aren’t many cases where personal bedrooms have a lot of portraits or photos, but I think the drama production team is subtly telling a story through the artwork about how they will present the character Hong Hae In. They placed several portraits to show self-reflection, self-love, and a strong ego, hinting at what story will unfold later.”

Through comments, viewers reacted, saying, “I didn’t know there were such detailed elements”, “No wonder Moslhee and Yoon Eun-sung are coveting it”, and “I hope Queens will have a happy ending.”

Meanwhile, ‘Queen of Tears‘ tells the story of a dizzying crisis and a miraculous restart of love for a third-generation chaebol of the Queens Group and queen of the department store, Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji Won), and the son of a market boss and prince of the supermarket, Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun), who are a couple of three years. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 PM.



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