Ex-YG Entertainment Director Expresses Support for ADOR’s Min Hee Jin

Support for ADOR’s Min Hee Jin has been flooding in since her press conference on April 25, 2024.

Immediately after the conference, renowned choreographer Kasper expressed his support for Min Hee Jin by posting a public Instagram story with a screenshot, proving he watched the conference live.

A director formerly associated with YG Entertainment has reportedly stepped forward to show their support.

Following the press conference, they uploaded a story with the words “how cathartic,” a phrase commonly used in Korea to express a sense of relief and satisfaction after a revelation.

Netizens were taken aback that the director is voicing support for Min Hee Jin.

Comments from netizens included:

“Of course it’s cathartic.”

“It seems like this person also had some grievances while working in the industry LOL.”

While watching the conference, I also thought she seemed crazy, but I was reminded of a few faces when she criticized them about golfing and drinking, and felt satisfied. I’m not taking sides.

“They revealed Bang Si Hyuk’s company card statement and there’s only food on there. That was funny too.”

“It seems like YG staff were also frustrated by the situation.”

“Min Hee Jin, fighting!”

“It seems like the tables have turned with her sincere telling of her story. As these people are part of the industry, they are bound to know more than the public, who mostly get information through media and articles.”



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