“It’s just too painful” — Red Velvet’s Joy admits fear of piercings and tattoos, shares skincare journey

Red Velvet‘s very own Joy has opened up about her fears and skincare routine in a recent interview.

Allure Korea dropped a video on April 19th titled ‘Joy’s 2024 Bag Spill: Overflowing with Sanrio Goodies!‘. The video gave fans a peek into Joy‘s bag and her love for Sanrio characters.

In the video, Joy confessed, “I’m too scared to get piercings,” revealing that she only has two on her earlobes.

She also shared an interesting tidbit from a music video shoot. “The makeup artist suggested using faux piercings,” she said. “It added a certain laid-back and decadent vibe to my look.”

However, Joy was quick to clarify that she has no plans to get real piercings or tattoos in the future. “It’s just too painful for me,” she emphasized.

Switching gears to skincare, Joy admitted, “I didn’t really care for my skin 10 years ago. But now, I’m all about skincare.”

She also shared some of her skincare secrets. “I make sure to drink lots of water and avoid processed foods. I try to eat more fruits and vegetables,” she said. “Since I have dry skin, hydration is key. So, I take hyaluronic acid capsules and use products that contain hyaluronic acid.”

But that’s not all. Joy also revealed her love for collecting pouches. “I have a lot of nicknames like BoBoSang, Baribari Star, and Just-In-Case Disease, so I have a lot of items,” she said.

“Collecting pouches is my hobby.” She even surprised everyone by revealing that she owns six pouches!



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