Sandara Park in tears, “I used to like younger men, but now, I long for someone who would take care of me”


Sandara Park shed tears while talking about her past.

Sandara Park appeared on Channel A’s ‘Table for Four‘ broadcast on April 15th and spoke about her time working in the Philippines.

In the past, when Sandara Park was in the second grade of elementary school, she immigrated to the Philippines.

At that time, Sandara Park became a Filipino superstar through an audition. Regarding this, Sandara Park said, “I tagged along with a friend for the audition. On stage, I always let my playful side shine”

Oh Hyun Kyung then asked, “Then how do you release your anger?” Sandara Park responded, “I never scream or fight. When I get angry, I hold it in and store it up. I relieve it by doing shopping once in a while.”

She further added, “Being the eldest daughter and sibling, especially after my parents’ divorce, it was just the way things were,” as she fought back tears.

In a surprising revelation, Sandara Park confessed, “I used to be attracted to younger men, but now, I long for someone who would take care of me,” hinting at the possibility of marriage, which has sparked interest among fans.


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