Lee Joon opens up about his frugal habits: “I’m still wearing the underwear I bought in middle school”

Lee Joon recently opened up about his simple and straightforward lifestyle.

On the hit SBS show ‘My Little Old Boy‘, which aired on April 14th, Lee Joon made an appearance that sparked interest among viewers.

During the show, Seo Jang Hoon shared, “Lee Joon has been using the same underwear he bought in middle school for ten years. He also prefers biking over public transport, considering the monthly card cost of 700,000 won too much.”

Lee Joon confirmed this, adding, “I found the subway fare unnecessary during my trainee days. I used to bike every day from Songpa, where I lived, to Apgujeong.”

Lee Joon further revealed his simple approach to life, stating, “I don’t feel the need to replace things unless they’re worn out. This includes my underwear. I only replace them when they’re worn out.”

He also mentioned his simple household habits, “Even though I live in a big house, my water bill is less than 3,000 won. I often shower at the gym, and my heating costs are low as I prefer to wear fur clothes.”

He also shared his simple eating habits, “I usually eat at the library cafeteria near my house. I’m a fan of ramen and make sure to have it at least once a day. My daily food expenses amount to around 8,000 won. When I’m out for work, I enjoy pork belly and beef.”



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