Kim Sae Ron updates fans on her recent status via Instagram

Kim Sae Ron shared her recent status through a series of posts on her social media account.

On April 29th, she uploaded several stories without any accompanying captions.

In the first video, Kim Sae Ron revealed a video of her self. In the footage, she sports short wavy hair and wears a leather jacket while riding in a car. Her playful expression towards the camera radiates a cheerful vibe.

Another photo collection includes various artworks that appear to be drawn by Kim Sae Ron herself. From a girl lying on flowers to people facing each other, the stories showcase her artistic side.

Additionally, Kim Sae Ron shared photos from her child actor days. In one of them, she is seen riding a bicycle, her smile shining brightly.

Previously, Kim Sae Ron faced legal consequences for drunk driving in 2022, resulting in a fine of 20 million won. Despite attempting a comeback through theater recently, her participation was ultimately canceled.



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