“l’m worried!” — “Queen of Tears” Kim Ji Won Calls for Safety Amidst Overwhelming Fan Welcome at Airport

Actress Kim Ji Won expressed concerns over potential safety risks as her arrival at Incheon International Airport turned into a chaotic scene due to the massive turnout of fans. After wrapping up her overseas schedule, Kim returned on the afternoon of the 15th, only to be greeted by a whirlwind of fans.

Videos capturing the frenetic scene at the airport have made rounds online, drawing significant attention from netizens. Dressed casually in a white t-shirt, jeans, and a hat,Kim Ji Won radiated her stunning beauty and was instantly surrounded by fans as soon as she made her appearance. Despite being visibly taken aback, Kim navigated through the crowd with caution as fans rushed towards her with cameras.

Fans flocked around her, offering flowers, letters, and gifts, while some requested heart gestures for their cameras. Accompanied by security guards, Kim responded to the fans’ requests and repeatedly voiced her concerns for safety, cautioning, “Please be careful” and “Watch your back.” Amidst the tangled crowd, she was compelled to exclaim, “You’re squeezing me!” However, the situation showed little improvement as she continued to accommodate the fans’ overwhelming demands until she boarded her vehicle.

As the video of the intense scene spreads online, netizens and fans alike have voiced their concerns. A sentiment to maintain order at the airport is growing among her fanbase, particularly on Kim Ji Won’s official fan cafe. There is also a growing call for her agency to enhance security measures. Fans expressed their worry, commenting, “It looked so dangerous, the agency should increase the security staff,” “The agency must have realized how dangerous it was at the airport today,” and “It’s heartbreaking and worrying.”

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won  recently received significant acclaim and love from fans both domestically and internationally for her role as Hong Hae In, the president of Queen’s Department Store, in the hit drama ‘Queen of Tears.’



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