Han So Hee clears up confusion about her acceptance to a French art school, addressing the controversy

Actress Han So Hee recently found herself at the center of a debate regarding her claim of being accepted to a French university. Let’s break down what happened.

During a guest appearance on PD Nah Yung Suk‘s YouTube channel. Han So Hee responded to a question from PD Na Yung Suk. He asked whether she came to Seoul after graduating from high school.

Han So Hee’s reply was intriguing: “I was accepted to a French school, but I couldn’t go. To obtain a visa, I needed 60 million won in my account under my name. But where would I have 60 million won?”

She shared her disappointment at not being able to attend the French university due to financial constraints.

However, doubts began to emerge. Some netizens questioned the validity of her statements. They wanted proof of her acceptance or evidence of her French language proficiency. Han So Hee decided to set the record straight.

She explained, “The system of creativity and transformation didn’t align with my approach. That’s when I gave up on domestic universities and focused on building my portfolio. Initially, I dreamed of attending prestigious institutions like Central Saint Martins and Parsons.”

She added, “But when I realized the exorbitant costs—billions of won per year—I opted for Beaux-Arts, a French art school. Since I wasn’t attending a domestic university, getting a loan was out of the question.”

Han So Hee continued, “The edited-out portions from the entertainment show and the controversies revolved around needing 20-30 million won in my bank account. The immediate costs for housing and living were unreasonably high.”

She also revealed that she started anew at the age of 20, channeling all her earnings into study abroad programs.

Despite her explanation, opinions remain divided. Some wonder why Han So Hee had to clarify this matter, while others find it challenging to grasp the essence of her words



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