TWICE’s Jeongyeon catches attention with slimmer figure in her recent Instagram photos

Netizens were shocked to see TWICE‘s Jeongyeon in her recent Instagram photos.

After taking a break from activities owing to health worries, Jeongyeon, whose comeback sparked concern, disclosed her current health condition.

Previously, Jeongyeon, a member of Korea’s premier girl group TWICE, was forced to postpone her activities on multiple occasions due to health issues. When she took a vacation from the entertainment industry due to a herniated disc in her neck and panic disorder, many fans missed her.

Lee Jin Ho, a former entertainment reporter and YouTuber, stated in 2021 that Jeongyeon gained weight because of the side effects of strong steroid medications.

Jeongyeon, who resumed her domestic activities with the release of TWICE‘s full-length album “SCIENTIST” on November 12, 2021, debuted with a complexion that was much darker than previously, prompting many fans to be concerned.

Since then, Jeongyeon appears to have exerted much effort to recover her health.

Jeongyeon recently revealed her current situation by posting multiple Instagram photos. In the published photos, Jeongyeon‘s slimmer appearance garnered attention.

In multiple photos, Jeongyeon, who wore a black suit and had short hair, has a petite face and beautiful features. In several instances, the female idol wore a black minidress and her slim legs and arms drew attention.

Jeongyeon‘s tennis coach uploaded a photo with good wishes on Instagram on January 8. “Let’s play tennis for enjoyment in 2023,” he said.

It appears that Jeongyeon has been maintaining her health through tennis and other sports.

Many fans were happy to see Jeongyeon looking much healthier and posted comments such as “I hope she never gets sick again” and “I want to see her in excellent health for a very long time.”

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