Pregnant Son Ye Jin In A Hot Pink Dress Channels Her Charismatic Self

Actress Son Ye-jin, who is currently pregnant, reported her current situation through an autumn pictorial.

Son Ye-jin released the autumn pictorial of Valentino, who is working as an ambassador, through the September issue of the magazine ‘Luxury’.

Son Ye-jin in the pictorial caught her attention with her professional and unique aura.

Son Ye-jin, who perfectly digested colorful styling, from a hot pink dress that was not easy to digest, to shoes with attractive stud points.

As if proving the digestive power of her pictorial artisan, her seductive gaze towards the camera gave viewers a sense of overwhelming.

In addition to her beautiful beauty, Son Ye-jin’s charming atmosphere, revealing her slender shoulder line, came as another charm.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin got married to actress Hyun Bin in March, and in June, she received many congratulations when she announced her pregnancy.



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