‘Queen of Tears’ Star Lee Joo Bin Dishes On Her Role And How She ‘Didn’t See Her As A Baddie’

Esquire’ magazine recently dropped a stunning photoshoot featuring Lee Joo Bin, famous for her role in ‘Queen of Tears’, giving us a peek into her personal side beyond the characters she brings to life on screen.

In the interview that went with it, Lee Joo Bin’s unique charm was on full display. Looking back on her role in ‘Queen of Tears’, she admitted to feeling a bit nervous amidst the top-notch performances of her senior actors.

But she shared her sincere approach of privately practicing lines from renowned actors, showing off her commitment to her craft.

When it comes to her character Cheon Da Hye, who some see as a baddie, Lee Joo Bin opened up about her deep-dive approach to the role, highlighting her dedication to getting into Da Hye’s head and feelings.

“She put in a ton of effort to become Da Hye, and since I’m the one playing her, Da Hye’s actions and thoughts all feel like they make sense so I didn’t exactly see her as a baddie.”

She humorously confessed that it’s only while watching the latest episodes that she realizes how far Da Hye’s wrongdoings go. “Oh my gosh, you’re not a good person. Let’s do better, Da Hye.”



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