“I hope they work again!” — Park Eun Bin In Discussion To Work Again With “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Director For New Drama

On April 23 KST, word got out that actress Park Eun Bin is mulling over a role in the upcoming drama ‘The B Team’, reuniting with director Yoo In Sik.

‘The B Team’ spins the tale of characters with involuntary superpowers, inspired by the original characters by Stan Lee. This ambitious project, blending Hollywood IP with superhero expertise, has been turning heads as the birth of Asian superhero storytelling since its announcement six years ago.

In the series, Park Eun Bin is considering the role of Eun Chae Ni, the granddaughter of a wealthy restaurant owner.

Portrayed as smart, polite, and hardworking, Eun Chae Ni’s character has a unique heart, making her somewhat immature as she grows up.

Living life on the edge, she dreams of setting off on a journey by train.

Directed by Yoo In Sik, known for his work on SBS’ ‘Doctor Romantic’ series, ‘Vagabond’, and ENA’s ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, ‘The B Team’ aims to recreate the success of their previous collab.

The screenplay for ‘The B Team’ will be written by writer Heo Da Joong, famous for adaptations like ‘Extreme Job’. Joining forces with director Yoo In Sik and writer Kang Eun Kyung, known for their work on the ‘Doctor Romantic’ series, they aim to deliver another gripping narrative.

Currently, Park Eun Bin is deep into filming for the new drama ‘Hyper Knife’ (working title), a medical crime thriller showcasing the clash and evolution of two brilliant but erratic individuals. 



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