KARD Jeon So Min In Her Dazzling Crop Tee Made Fans Jaw Dropped

Jeon So-min, a member of the mixed group KARD, thanked the fans for celebrating her birthday and shared her current status.

Jeon So-min posted a photo on Instagram on August 23rd with the message “My birthday in Seattle was the best ❤️‍🔥👑thank u hidden kard🤍”.

 Jeon So-min is showing a happy expression while holding a large bouquet of flowers in her arms. Jeon So-min was born on August 22, 1996.

Jeon So-min’s superior beauty and unique visuals such as a narrow waistline in the photo showing her chic eyes while holding a flower on her side, draw admiration.

 In the photo that appears to have been taken behind the scenes, Jeon So-min, wearing a unique crop top made of fur, is showing off a charismatic pose. 

Jeon So-min‘s colleagues and netizens sent congratulations such as “Happy Birthday”.

Meanwhile, KARD, to which Jeon So-min belongs, is conducting the North American tour ‘2022 WILD KARD TOUR IN NORTH AMERICA’, and is continuing the heat of the performance amid the passionate love of overseas fans.



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