Former f(x) Member Luna Reveals That She Still Struggles With Her Mental Health

Singer Luna, a former member of the group f(x), confessed that she had a difficult time with depression and panic disorder.

On August 24th, Luna posted a picture of her musical ‘KPOP’ on her own Instagram, and she introduced that she was “a work that makes me want to bring out the passion hidden in me again”.

Luna continued, “When I was an idol who ran nonstop, my memories of being a teenager who worked hard like a fool are the basement practice room, tuna kimbap, and tears.”

“I did my best,” she added.

Luna then confessed, “For the past 3 years, it was difficult and painful to even stand on stage due to depression and panic disorder. I didn’t want to, but the tears didn’t stop, so I couldn’t stop hating myself.”

I really wanted to give up. Meeting the people I was most confident and loved, even receiving text messages, my hands and feet trembled and I had frequent seizures, so I couldn’t even move,” said Luna. After missing the time, I became more depressed and unbearable.

However, Luna said, “It’s not completely cured yet, but I’m still living well.” “I’m ashamed to say to those who have endured pain alone for a long time like me, ‘Let’s not suffer alone until the day we get better, let’s overcome it together’. It took courage,” .

She also said, “When this performance starts, it will be very long, so I wanted to cheer and comfort you before that.”

She said, “I will greet you often.

Luna, who debuted as a member of f(x) in 2009, went on to stand on her own in 2019 after her exclusive contract with her agency ended, and she continues to work as a singer and musical actress.


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