Yoon Kyun Sang Reveals His Shocking Alcohol Tolerance Level And Drinking Habits

The shocking amount of alcohol consumed by actor Yoon Kyun Sang has been exposed.

Yoon Kyun Sang (36) appeared as a special MC in SBS‘s “My Little Old Boy” broadcast on May 29th.

Yoon Kyun Sang was exposed to be a glutton and a drinker on the broadcast that day. “They stated Yoon Kyun Sang is a heavy drinker; he consumes 30 bottles of soju with a friend“, MC Seo Jang Hoon said.

DinDin‘s mother expressed concern and asked, “Why are you doing that?Shin Dong Yeop responded, “DinDin is not simple.”

Yoon Kyun Sang also boasted about his “bottle cap craft“, claiming that it was a gift he inherited through his heavy drinking. The snapshot revealed that day was an Instagram post by comedian Park Na Rae.

The word “narae (heart)” was made in the shot by bending the seam of the bottle cap.

When Yoon Kyun Sang saw it, he asked, “Where did you acquire this? I made it for Na Rae Park,” and added, “It’s fantastic to see it after such a long time“.

He went on to say that he normally likes to make things with his hands and that he “crafted roses out of tissue paper.”

When Shin Dong Yeop and Jang Hoon Seo heard this, they said, “Aren’t you attempting to appeal to the opposite sex without spending money?” and the studio burst out laughing.  



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