RED VELVET Wendy and Irene Spotted Enjoying Themselves Among Audience at Seoul Jazz Festival 2022

Red Velvet members also enjoyed the Seoul Jazz Festival 2022, which will be place in three years.

Wendy (real name Son Seung Wan) and Irene (actual name Bae Joo Hyun) of Red Velvet paid a visit to Seoul Olympic Park’s 88 grass yard on May 29th. The two had a good time at the festival with their friends.

Wendy also shared a snapshot of her visit on Instagram, showing a large crowd and them enjoying the performance in the heat.

The two posed while sipping beer, dressed in outfits appropriate for the festival atmosphere. Your beauty shines through even when you wear a cap and sunglasses.

Wendy and Irene wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders, displaying their generosity while leaving themselves in a pleasant environment. It appears to be free to enjoy the festival amid the crowds.

Fans were stunned to find that the two attended the festival after seeing the photo.

“OMG!” the fans exclaimed in the comments, “Huh? Why didn’t I go?” “Uh… What is it?” “No, Red Velvet is here today. Why haven’t I seen them?“.

From the 27th to the 29th, the Seoul Jazz Festival 2022 was hosted at 88 Lawn Garden in Seoul Olympic Park. Since 2019, in the aftermath of COVID-19, this performance has been on a three-year hiatus.

In April, Red Velvet released its debut Japanese full-length album, “Bloom“.

On the 18th of next month, the 28th Dream Concert will be staged at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. In August, he will perform at the Tokyo Dome in Japan for the concert “SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@TOKYO.”



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