Han So Hee proves to be getting prettier with each day with photoshoot for ‘L’Oreal Paris’!

Actress Han So Hee continues to captivate fans with her stunning looks.

Recently, her agency, 9ato Entertainment, unveiled a new photoshoot featuring Han So Hee in collaboration with the hair care brand L’Oreal Paris. As an official brand model for L’Oreal Paris since 2020, Han So Hee‘s association with the brand has spanned five years.

In this photoshoot, Han So Hee effortlessly combines innocence and elegance. The concept of “sincerity in moisture” is beautifully portrayed as she exudes a clear and fresh aura. Her hair, softly shining and well-moisturized, adds to her allure.

Despite recent personal controversies, Han So Hee remains committed to her craft. She has shifted her focus back to her main profession, participating in photoshoots and promoting screen releases.

According to 9ato Entertainment, Han So Hee‘s long-standing relationship with L’Oreal Paris allows her to fully grasp the concept of the photoshoot and product. Her expressive poses and active attitude contribute to the positive atmosphere on set.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is preparing for the release of the Netflix series ‘Gyeongseong Creature: Season 2‘ in the second half of the year.



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