“Missing him so much!” — Song Kang Shares His Military Service Journey with fans

Song Kang, the renowned actor, is currently fulfilling his military duties with diligence and dedication. His recent updates about his service have sparked interest among fans and followers.

Song Kang joined the army on the 2nd of last month. On the eve of his enlistment, he shared a heartfelt handwritten letter on his official fan cafe.

He wrote, “I will be away from you all for a while, but time will pass quickly. I hope to see you all again, thankful and healthy. I hope to meet you happier than now when that time comes.”

In addition to fulfilling his duties, Song Kang expressed his ambition to utilize his time in the military to learn a new language. This revelation has drawn significant attention and admiration.

Prior to his enlistment, Song Kang was highly active, participating in works such as “My Demon,” “Sweet Home Season 2,” and as a storyteller in “Island 2.”

His absence has left a void among fans. However, the release of his recent robust photos has helped alleviate their disappointment.

On the 4th, The Camp released photos showing Song Kang smiling brightly and arm-in-arm with his fellow soldiers, continuing to impress with his striking visuals.

Furthermore, on the 5th, a video was released showing him participating in religious activities, singing joyously with his peers, and adapting well to military life.

Having completed his fifth week of basic training, Song Kang now appears more relaxed compared to the tense early days of his service.

His saluting pose in a photo released on his fourth day elicited comments about his nervousness.

As more cheerful updates on his military life are shared, fans are reassured.

After completing his basic military training, Song Kang will be assigned to a unit to continue fulfilling his national defense duties.

Fans eagerly await more updates from the actor as he embarks on this new chapter of his life.



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