BTS’ V Is Wearing Earrings Endorsed by Jennie, And Netizens Are Freaking Out “Again”

BTSV is making his first official appearance following reports of a romantic relationship with Jennie, and the earrings he is wearing are attracting attention.

Several online communities recently published an article titled “V wearing earrings that Jennie is a model.

V had previously appeared at Incheon International Airport, about to depart for Washington on May 29th. It was his first public appearance since the rumors of a romantic relationship with Jennie.

V emerged that day dressed comfortably. He was dressed casually in a sweater, sweatpants, and a beanie. Chanel earrings adorned one ear.

Jennie is a model for this Chanel earring. Earrings are not typically worn by netizens, but they have special significance for V because he wore earrings for his first public appearance.

Isn’t this obvious?” netizens said, “Are you asking me to know?“, “How can you do that on your first official appearance when you don’t usually wear earrings?” and “Isn’t this admitting your romance?“.

V and Jennie‘s representatives have yet to comment on the romance rumors.



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