“Nation’s First Love” Suzy Brings Laughter to Jo Hyun Ah’s Talk Show

Suzy confidently revealed on talk show with Jo Hyun Ah, “I came here to drink.” and caused laughter.

On the afternoon of March 30th, the video “♥| EP.09 | Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night | Suzy Jo Hyun Ah” was released on the YouTube channel “Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night.” Suzy appeared as a guest on the show.

Suzy, the “nation’s first love,” appeared brightly and hugged Jo Hyun Ah while singing along with piano accompaniment.

Later, Jo Hyun Ah told Suzy, “You need to have a drink first because I prepared lemon for you, and we think we look prettier after drinking lemon together.” Jo Hyun Ah and Suzy had a drink together before starting their talk.

Suzy said, “You’re too bright.” to which Jo Hyun Ah responded, “Did you come here to drink?” and Suzy replied, “Yes, I came here to drink. Can you play some music for me?” jokingly, causing laughter.

Jo Hyun Ah was surprised and replied, “Is this a bar? Is this a street vendor? What’s going on? This is our house,” teasing Suzy for coming to their house to drink.



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