She’s beautiful no matter what” — Liz’s weight loss adds to the anticipation for IVE’s upcoming album

K-Pop fans around the world are thrilled and excited to see IVE‘s Liz looking slimmer and more toned than before.

Liz has been receiving a lot of praise and admiration from fans on social media after she was seen looking noticeably slimmer in a recent live stream.

Liz has always been known for her beautiful visuals and singing skills, but she has also been subjected to criticism and scrutiny for her weight gain.

Many fans have been concerned about the impact that the hectic schedule and stress of being an idol may be having on her health.

However, these concerns have now been put to rest as Liz‘s recent weight loss has been met with widespread approval and excitement.

Fans have been sharing photos and videos of the singer on social media, pointing out how her face looks slimmer and her overall appearance more toned than before.

Netizens have been taking to social media to share their reactions to Liz‘s weight loss, with many expressing their support and admiration for her hard work and perseverance.

Here are some of the most notable comments:

“She did clearly lose weight! I’m so happy for her!”

“In the video, all you see is Liz, and she’s so gorgeous. She looks amazing!”

“She’s so pretty, and I’m so glad to see her looking healthier and more confident.”

“It’s not important how heavy or light Liz is, people just want to criticize her. She’s beautiful no matter what.”

“I think she did lose weight more than before, and it’s great to see her taking care of herself.”

“She’s not as skinny as when she was blonde, but she definitely looks good now. I’m so excited for IVE‘s new album!”

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