K-Pop Star Chungha’s Dissatisfaction with Agency Leads to Contract Expiration

Singer Chungha has ended her exclusive contract with her agency without finishing her regular album.

On the 29th, MNH Entertainment announced that “Chungha’s exclusive contract with our company, which started when she debuted in 2016 and lasted for 7 years, will expire on April 29th, 2023.”

In addition, it was announced that Chungha‘s ‘Bare&Rare Pt.2’ will not be released by MNH Entertainment. ‘Bare&Rare’ was Chungha‘s second regular project, which was scheduled to be released in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

Last year, Chungha released the first part of ‘Bare&Rare’ in July, and announced that the second part would be released soon.

At that time, it was also announced that Lachika, who had been collaborating with Chungha, would also be in charge of the performance for Part 2, creating high expectations among fans.

Despite the expectation that ‘Bare&Rare Pt.2’ would be released soon, the news of the release has not been announced for about 9 months.

In the end, Chungha decided not to renew her contract with MNH Entertainment. The release date for ‘Bare&Rare Pt.2’ has also not been announced yet.

Last August, Chungha expressed her dissatisfaction with the agency during a live broadcast. In response to fans’ comments requesting a world tour, she said, “Why won’t they let me do it? It’s because of MNH.”

She also jokingly said, “I want to leave the company. Please let me go,” attracting attention.

Some fans pointed out that MNH Entertainment had been neglecting Chungha. After finishing her activities with I.O.I, Chungha returned to MNH Entertainment as a solo singer and became a “female solo artist.”

Although Chungha led the way until the agency moved buildings, fans criticized the agency for not taking better care of her.

MNH Entertainment said, “We sincerely express our deep gratitude to Chungha, who has been with us for a long time,” as they let go of Chungha, and expressed interest in her future endeavors.



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