Aespa’s NingNing ran into a Sudden Problem Onstage, and Keen-Eyed Netizens saw how Karina came up with a Clever Solution

It’s just what a wild older brother or sister would do.

When NingNing from aespa needed her, Karina, the group’s leader, was there for her like the good friend she is.

And she was there with the most creative and funny answer to the problem.

On December 31, the members of aespa made a big splash when they went to the 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

Not only did they make the list of best-dressed people, but their midnight party for Winter‘s birthday also won over fans.

As if that wasn’t enough, the members also showed their true friendship in many other ways.

For one thing, Karina was kind enough to tell Giselle about her fans, which shows that she’s happy to see her group members loved.

But MYs loved it most when Karina helped NingNing after the younger member reportedly expressed a worry that most people have.

MYs saw that NingNing was onstage with a piece of confetti stuck to her forehead.

She isn’t the first idol to get confetti stuck in her hair or on her head, but it turns out that this was on purpose.

Karina was seen bending down to pick up a piece of confetti off the floor and put it on NingNing‘s head while they were onstage behind ITZY.

As soon as she did that, everyone started laughing in a very funny way.

Fans say that Karina stuck the confetti on NingNing after NingNing said that she had a pimple on her forehead.

YoonA from Girls’ Generation, who was running the event, met aespa later.

Again, fans with sharp eyes saw that Karina was telling YoonA how she stuck the confetti on NingNing in a funny way, which seemed to confirm that she did it on purpose.

Even though NingNing still looked as happy as ever, her worries were still understandable. And Karina‘s “answer” to the problem was very creative!

Clearly, these two and the rest of their group have the best and most crazy friendship.



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