TWICE’s Jeongyeon Gets a Lot of Attention After a “Mistake” With Fan Service at the Airport

Netizens couldn’t get enough of the cute moment.

TWICE spent New Year’s Eve in Japan, where they were one of three K-Pop acts on the popular annual New Year’s Eve show NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen.

TWICE finished their fourth world tour, III, in 2022. They made comebacks in Korea and Japan, and after seven years together, all nine members agreed to renew their exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment.

Fans were thrilled when they decided to renew their contracts, and netizens were touched when the members said they chose to stay together because being in TWICE was “their lives.

“In my life, I’ve worked with and watched a lot of groups, but I’ve never seen a group stay this close for 7 years.” J.Y Park.

The group sparkled on stage at Kohaku Uta Gassen in outfits that were perfect for celebrating the New Year. TWICE played “Celebrate,” their most recent single in Japanese, for the event.

They were the main attraction on stage, and they were also the main attraction when the members returned to Korea after the show.

When TWICE got to Gimpo Airport, they wore matching bunny hats to show how close they were.

Fans and the press cheered as they walked through the airport.

2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, so their accessories that match are both cute and have a special meaning.

When they met ONCE, TWICE was all smiles, and a video of member Jeongyeon greeting fans went viral for a funny reason because it was so funny.

After the band members got to their vans outside, Jeongyeon rolled down her window to spend more time with them.

Before the van left, Jeongyeon rolled up her window and closed it on her bunny ears by accident. This caused the video to get more than a million views and 89,400 likes.

The tweet was seen by 2.6 million people, and people couldn’t stop laughing at the cute mistake.

After she realized her bunny ears were stuck, Jeongyeon paused for a moment, which was funny, before she cracked the window open and slowly pulled her ears back into the car.

This made the situation even funnier than it already was.

The best way for ONCE to start 2023 was with Jeongyeon and TWICE‘s close relationship.



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