GOT7 Jay B could not conceal his admiration for his beloved Korean actor

Currently, he is so cool.

Jay B of GOT7 was recently interviewed by Vogue Thailand, and he didn’t hold back on revealing his favorite actor.

As soon as the magazine posed the question, Jay B immediately responded with his favorite Korean actor.

Jay B, demonstrating his commitment to his group, responded, “My favorite Korean actor is unquestionably Jinyoung. It goes without saying, obviously.”

Jay B was pleased with the recent acting performances of Jinyoung.

Jay B commended him, remarking, “He is so hip these days.

Fans have observed that Jay B don’t ever fails to praise Jinyoung‘s work, even when they are not collaborating.

The heartwarming bond between Jay B and Jinyoung cannot be severed.

Watch the interview here:



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