Netizens Select the 4th Generation K-Pop Female Idol That Best Fits the Title “Hot Girl”, and We Couldn’t Agree More

When you hear the phrase “Hot Girl“, do you think of a certain person or a certain thing? Most people think it means more than just looking good.

Megan Thee Stallion says, for example, that it’s much more about confidence and self-worth than about anything physical.

Whether or not someone is a “Hot Girl” is, of course, a matter of opinion. When it comes to K-Pop idols, there are many girls who could fit the title, depending on how fans see it.

But among the long list of possible candidates, everyone seemed to agree on which fourth-generation idol is the best “Hot Girl“!

In a post on a Korean online forum with the title “Personally, this is the girl group member who fits the title of ‘Hot Girl’ the most“, the original author wrote: Huh Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM owns it.

There’s no denying that Huh Yunjin is a pretty girl, but for those who love her, there’s so much more to her that makes her the perfect “Hot Girl“!

She seems to be so sure of herself despite the pressures of the K-Pop industry, and her fans love to see her being confident and charming on stage and off.

Even her selfies and low-quality photos show how beautiful she is.

A lot of Korean netizens agreed with the author that Huh Yunjin was the perfect “Hot Girl.” They wrote comments on the post to say so.

Yunjinie is a Hot Girl!”

“I got excited when I thought about Huh Yunjinie.”

“Of course, she’s a Hot Girl, no doubt about it.”

“Up until now, I haven’t found a celebrity who fits that title, but Huh Yunjin is a Hot Girl and a New York Queen card.”

“For real, please make her wear those pink sunglasses again…”

“Really, how are her eyes that color?… I want to get close to her and look right into her eyes… I’m jealous”

“That Hot Girl can also take good photos.”

International fans had the same feelings!

“There’s always something nice about the photos she takes. It’s like she’s so good at it.”

“She seems to be very happy with herself. Something that most people can’t relate to because society has given us unrealistic expectations”

“I think she’s going to be the best performer of her generation. Her looks are just right”

HYBE (or Source Music, but I think in the doc she said HYBE) calling Huh Yunjin back was the best thing they could have done. Since Produce48 she was meant to be a star.

“Every tweet she posts is an instant save for me, to be honest. Her photos are so nice to look at, and she also likes great music (:”

“Of course Huh Yunjin. She is so sure of herself and cool, which makes her hot. She is also very pretty. A true queen card”

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