BLACKPINK Is Applauded For Stopping Their Concert Out Of Concern For The Fans’ Safety

BLACKPINK recently concluded two nights of successful BORN PINK performances in London and received praise for their exemplary handling of a potentially dangerous situation.

After wrapping up the North American portion of their BORN PINK world tour, BLACKPINK are currently in Europe to perform 10 of their 45 total shows.

London, England was the first stop on their tour, and the members wasted no time making a splash upon their arrival at the airport.

London’s The O2 Arena, which BLACKPINK sold out, is the 9th building in the world.

The venue was crowded with BLINKs who were overjoyed to get tickets to one of the famous group’s two London concerts, the one and only UK shows on their tour.

The group’s members captivated the audience with their boundless charisma and self-assurance as they performed fan favorites and showcased their individual skills during solo sets.

Fans who attended the second night reported that the boisterous crowd began pushing, resulting in an uncomfortably crowded standing section.

The group observed what was going wrong and understood that it could quickly turn dangerous. The band took time out of their performance to politely ask the audience to disperse before anything untoward happened.

During her solo performance, Jennie noticed that someone had been pushed from behind, so she used the opportunity to assure the audience that the safety of BLACKPINK‘s members and fans was always the group’s top priority.

The group showed their seriousness by asking that the music be stopped.

As they spoke to the crowd, a message was playing on the venue screens reminding BLINKs to be aware of their surroundings.

BLACKPINK‘s quick and effective response earned them praise, and the group’s refusal to resume the show until they ensured the safety of their BLINKs demonstrated their command of the audience.

Funny “calling out” of the crowd for not moving back as requested by Jennie also garnered a lot of attention.

The audience thankfully made room, and the show went on as planned.

They look out for each other when BLACKPINK isn’t busy defending BLINKs.



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