LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eunchae and her funny reaction were captured on cam as she mistakenly wore an outfit similar to 10cm

Funny and endearing interactions between idols were on full display at the 2022 Melon Music Awards (MMA), which LE SSERAFIM recently attended.

It all started when 10CM and BIG Naughty were on stage. One minute into the show, something funny happened!

The camera cut to Eunchae in the crowd, and her reaction made everyone burst out laughing.

While Eunchae, Sakura, and Kazuha proudly pointed to Eunchae‘s jacket, they were wearing the same jacket as 10CM!

A fancam from a different perspective captures the moment Sakura figures out that Eunchae and 10CM are wearing identical outfits.

Yunjin and Chaewon couldn’t stop laughing at how cute the situation was.

It’s hilarious to see the girls’ reactions from a different angle the instant Eunchae enters frame.

The results are in, and they both looked best in it.



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