Some domestic EXO fans are getting louder and demanding Chen and Chanyeol to leave the group

In November, a fan group for the other six EXO members (except Chen and Chanyeol) said on Twitter, “All forthcoming activities about Chen and Chanyeol’s departure would be held offline.”

“The very first tribute will happen during an offline group promotion with Chen and Chanyeol. When the time is set, more information will be given. We will run this tribute offline because it will be the best and most reliable way to get our message across “

In May of last year, the coalition also put up ad balloons and ran radio ads near the SM Entertainment office building telling Chanyeol to leave the agency.

Netizens rushed to the comment section and said:

I really don’t understand why they can’t leave. Those who can just go on their own and be happy.

Even if they all left, they would still have their leader, main singer, main dancer, main visual, main rapper, and stan attractor. Please just leave

As a fan of another band, I get…

What about Chanyeol, did he also tie the knot?

In light of the fact that the cheater and the father of the child have already significantly lowered their demand, there is no reason for them to remain.

You receive a photocard of a known cheater, and your heart sinks. Wow…

I totally get why fans are upset; SM just doesn’t seem capable of managing anyone out, no matter how controversial they get.

Both of you need to leave immediately.

Exactly, get out of here. In fact, I refuse to even look at any of their headlines.

Weirdos. Despite your misgivings about Chanyeol, Chen is just trying to be a good family man. The situation has reached a level of insanity.

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