Netizen Reveals Her Candid Experience After Being On The Same Plane To Paris as BTS’s V

Even though BTS‘s V is in one of the biggest groups in history, it seems like everyone who meets the idol can’t stop praising him. Whether in public or in private, BTS is always getting compliments on how they act.

A netizen who was aboard the same flight as V recently talked about what it was like and how she saw the idol.

Fans were surprised when BTS‘s V showed up at Incheon airport on November 15 for a tour abroad.

Even though the media and fans didn’t expect it, V stood out with his looks and personality, and he was pretty much clothed like a real rock star on his way to Paris.

Even with the things he did when he talked to reporters, V went from being a fashion model to someone whose personality was praised.

Fans are talking about a recent post from a Korean couple on theqoo. A couple whom have met V at the airport shared an Instagram post on the forum.

The first post, the netizens decided to share a blurry photo of what seemed to be BTS‘s V with the caption, “Guess who I saw today? On the seat right in front of me… gasp.”

In another post that looked like it was made on the plane, netizens talked about their time with V and the fact they were sitting behind the idol. As expected, they only said good things about the idol. Even though the woman said her husband didn’t like pictures, even he was surprised.

She said, “How likely is it that you can get to Paris with V in the seat in front of you? During the 14-hour flight, my heart was beating fast… I was so surprised by how well-mannered he was and how he looked in real life. Even my husband, who doesn’t care much about celebrities or other people, said V‘s proportions were really crazy“.

Even though many people liked hearing the story about V, some netizens didn’t like the pictures that were shared. Many people liked the idol’s looks and personality, but others said that even though the pictures were blurry or far away, it was still a privacy invasion.

Even though fans didn’t know his schedule, when he got to Paris and there were crowds, the tweet quotes called out those who had waited and were sharing clips.

Before telling anyone, the couple waited until V had landed safely. So, it seems like all they wanted to do was talk about the good things they had done with V. As expected, V always makes a good impression, no matter where he is or what he is doing.



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