“With or Without Bangs?” Netizens Debate Which Hairstyle Suits LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eunchae More

Part of being an idol is the experimentation of hairstyles in every comeback.

Some idols were transformed by their hairstylist into mature looks while others tried to have a more innocent hairstyle.

Meanwhile, the hair colors of the idols were also changed according to their concept to match the mood of the song.

One of the most popular hairstyles that have been tried out by different idols is bangs.

With bangs

Without bangs

On November 16, a post on Pann began trending with the title “A Comparison of HONG EUNCHAE with and without Bangs from LE SSERAFIM”

Other netizens then commented:

With bangs

With bangs, she really looks like a baby.

With bangs… I’m a fan now because she’s adorable.

She’s adorable with her new bangs, and she exudes some seriously cool maknae spirit.

Without bangs

They’re both lovely, but she’d win with bangs.

Without… Without bangs, she looks so much more put together. ㅠㅠ

Those bangs make her look like a newborn baby. That little girl is just too adorable.

She looks much better without her bangs, which I have never seen before.

Her distinctive bangs are the first thing that draws my attention to her.

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