Netizens Still Can’t Get Over IVE Liz’s Beautiful Middle School Graduation Photo

Netizens say they can’t stop thinking about Liz’s middle school photo.

Netizens shared a well-known photo of the IVE member on an online community forum.

The photo is from her middle school yearbook and shows a piece of her past.

This is something that many idols have to share online.

When the picture first came out, it was a big deal because she looked so beautiful and elegant.

The person who wrote the post said, “F*cking pretty. You can’t really hate her because of how she looks.”

In the comments section, other netizens responded:

She is the most beautiful in IVE.

How can a kid like her be cast when she was in Jeju? How lucky was Starship? Even though they already had AhnYoungz, they got a child like her.

This must be a picture from at least her middle school graduation, so how can she look like this? She must be hot as hell.

When I was in middle school, she was in the same class as me. Her face was nice, but her body was a fake. She had freaking long legs, a freaking small face, and was in the dance tea, so every time I saw her I was just blown away. Back then, she was very thin, which made her look even better. It wasn’t to the point where her case made her well-known at school. She was kind of tanned, and there was a clear difference in how she was dressed.

Liz is really, really pretty when she lost a lot of weight and had blonde hair. Her face was really, really perfect.

But Liz went to Hanra middle and high school, where there were so many pretty girls that she didn’t really stand out. Instead, people were more interested in what happened to the ’04-’05 liners at Hanra middle school, where there were so many pretty girls. It’s impossible that her face wouldn’t be well-known.



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